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Do I need a New Roof?

Many homeowners leave home improvement projects until the last possible moment or until something serious occur with their home. This typically means some leaks or other damage to occur before a homeowner begins to look into replacing an area of their home. Because homeowners wait until the last minute, they are unable to do their homework and forced into the first sale that comes along. However, if homeowners look for signs throughout their home, they will have the time to conduct their research and successfully complete their home improvement projects. One home improvement project that is consistently overlooked is a new roof. Homeowners tend to keep their roof until the experience some water damage in their attic. Homeowners should instead be mindful of these following signs that a new roof should be in their future.

  • Shingle Buckle or Curl – If your shingles begin to curl up and away from your roof, they are starting to show their age. This is the first major sign that your roof is reaching a point that it needs to be replaced.

  • Age – Generally speaking, a properly installed roof should last a home about 25 years. Once the roof reaches 30 and more, you are running the risk of deterioration from the elements. Also, new shingles that have been placed atop older shingles will also decrease the overall life of your roof.

  • Granules – If you begin to notice large amounts of granules from your shingles within your gutters, you should start to consider a new roof for your home.

  • Missing – Shingles that are missing from your roof are sure signs of needing a new roof for your home. Shingles that easily blow off are showing their age and deterioration from the time and elements.

  • Sunlight – If you can see rays of sun in your attic, you should begin to consider a new roof.

At Dream Window and Door, we offer homeowners top of the line products for roofing, sidings, windows, and doors at a price they can manage. We not only sell the products but install them as well! When you call Dream Window and Door, you will speak with a project manager and advisor who will help guide you through the process of purchase and installation. We also offer financial options to help homeowners use their tax refund to the fullest potential.

Dream Window and Door offers top of the line products for roofs, sidings, windows, doors and gutters. We are here to service the Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia areas. Are you ready to get started with Dream Window and Door? Interested in requesting an estimate? Call Dream Window and Door today at 410-980-8864 or visit our contact page.

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