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Top Home Improvement Contractor Scams

The best way for homeowners to protect themselves is by only offering 10% of the project cost up front, which should never exceed $1,000.

While there are many reliable and honest home improvement contractors to choose from throughout the Maryland area, there are unfortunately many scams as well. Home improvement contractor scams can be difficult to identify and almost impossible to get out of, so learning the signs of the most common scams is imperative for homeowners.

  • Money up front – This scam is the most commonly reported to the Better Business Bureau. The contractor will typically explain how they need a large amount of money to start because they need to purchase materials. Once they have your money, they will either disappear or perform a poor job. The best way for homeowners to protect themselves is by only offering 10% of the project cost up front, which should never exceed $1,000.

  • Word at face value – These home improvement contractor scams occur when a contractor speaks with you about the specifics of the project, but those additions are left out of the contract. Homeowners tend to overlook this issue because they assume the verbal agreement will stand, however, a signed contract without these additions cannot typically be argued. The best way to protect your investment is never to sign a contract that doesn’t include all details about your home improvement project.

  • No permit – Some contractors try to avoid getting a permit for small jobs to save themselves time and money. However, all projects require a permit, which means anyone refusing to gain a permit is breaking the law.

  • Problems found – Some home improvement contractor scams include the “contractor” conveniently finding problems with your home that will require extra time and money from you. Be sure that your contract includes these possible “problems” to prevent a contractor from overcharging you on problems that could not even exist.

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