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What to Ask your Roofer

When you look into finding a roofer for your new roof, it is important to do your homework. Choosing the first roofer that comes along can leave Maryland homeowners in a number of difficult situations. As you speak to each potential roofer, be sure to ask a series of questions to determine how reliable the roofer is. Here are some questions to consider asking your potential roofer.

  • Do you have an updated license? – While some states may require a different license or building code than others, every state requires a license in general. Maryland homeowners should look up the required license in order to ensure your roofer has the correct paperwork.

  • What type of insurance do you have?- A roofer is typically required to have workman’s compensation as well as general liability insurance, but that doesn’t mean they have the coverage. A lack of insurance on the part of the roofer could mean major bills for the Maryland homeowner.

  • Are you going to remove my old roof? – A roofer may try to tell you the old roof can be shingled over, but that should never occur. Leaving an old roof on could hide other damage, leaving you vulnerable to higher cost projects in the future.

  • How will you protect the rest of my property? – Maryland homeowners sometimes fail to realize that a home improvement project such as a new roof could leave the rest of your yard vulnerable. Fallen materials and vehicles needed for the project could cause damage to your property, so ask your roofer if they have plans to protect your property.

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