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When Should I Buy New Siding?

When it comes to home improvement, there are several projects homeowners can choose from. One of the most neglected home improvement projects is replacing the siding of a home. Many homeowners feel that as long as the siding remains attached to the house, there isn’t a problem. However, waiting until something drastic occurs with the siding of your home can leave homeowners trapped to make a quick decision about their new siding. Instead of being forced to buy whatever new siding option you are given, take the time to do your research and look for these signs that show your siding is in need of replacing.

  • The Need for Color – If you are noticing the color of your siding fading after only a few years, you may be in need of new siding. High-quality siding doesn’t lose its color until after ten years.

  • High Energy Bills – If you begin to notice your cooling and heating bills are higher than normal; you may have a problem with your current siding. The siding of your home should also work to insulate your home, which means high bills are sure sign of failing product. New siding will help ensure your home is properly insulated, which will help reduce your cooling and heating bills.

  • Mold and Mildew – Any types of fungal growth around your siding shows moisture being trapped along the siding and wall of your home. This means your siding is becoming warped and beginning to move away from your home, causing gaps that allow moisture to enter.

At Dream Window and Door, we offer homeowners top of the line products for roofing, sidings, windows, and doors at a price they can manage. We not only sell the products but install them as well! When you call Dream Window and Door, you will speak with a project manager and advisor who will help guide you through the process of purchase and installation. We also offer financial options to help homeowners use their tax refund to the fullest potential.

Dream Window and Door offers top of the line products for roofs, sidings, windows, doors and gutters. We are here to service the Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia areas. Are you ready to get started with Dream Window and Door? Interested in requesting an estimate? Call Dream Window and Door today at 410-980-8864 or visit our contact page.

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