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When to Replace Your Gutters

Gutters require regular maintenance. This not only ensures the integrity and beauty of your home, but also helps protect it. When they become damaged, clogged or old, they cannot properly do their job, divert rainwater. This keeps your home protected from water damage to exterioro walls. Below are a few tips to help you learn what aspects to look for if your gutters need replacing.

Signs of Damage

Some damage is obvious. After big storms, be sure to check the connections of your gutters to ensure they are all connected. Remove any large sticks or clumps of debris to allow water to run smoothly through the gutter system. Looking down helps too. See if any broken fasteners are on the ground which could have fallen from loose gutters. Also, if you see water channels in your yard forming or there is eroding happening, this could mean your gutters aren’t performing properly.

Age of Home

Properly maintained gutters can last more than a few decades but it is important in older homes, to know how well the gutter system was maintenanced. With advancements in materials as well as construction of the gutter system, you may find new gutters will be of benefit to your home. Dream Window and Door can assist you with an inspection of your gutters and determine if you need to have your gutters replaced. The National Assiciate of Home Builders says that the average life of galvanized aluminium or steam gutters can last around 20 years and copper gutters around 50 years.

Scheduling a Gutter Inspection

If you feel that something may be wrong with your gutter system, have it inspected by a roofing professional. You may find a professional finds fault in your gutters that you were unable to see. Have your gutters inspected every year to two years to ensure they are functioning effectively. Again, it is important to protecting your home and could save you money in the longer term, compared to the cost of fixing water damage.

Also, continue to maintain them properly. Clean out any stuck pieces of debris, allowing for water to run freely. Be sure to clean out the gutters regularly, especially if you have trees over your home. Use a water hose to clear out any dirt or leaves that may not come loose. If you have any questions or would like to have Dream Windows and Doors take a look at your gutters, contact us today.

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